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Do I want Chalkdust Prealgebra traditional set?


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They are very helpful. This option wasn't available when we bought it, but for some reason I think the value set only has the solutions on a cd whereas the traditional set has a printed and bound solutions manual. I friend of mine was trying to decide which to get and they travel a lot showing lambs, and it *seems* like this was the main difference. She wanted the print version so she could check work while they traveled.


Don't hold me to this...I really don't know. I'd just call 'em up!

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I bought the traditional set because it has the 10 DVDs, the hardbound text, and a complete solutions guide. The value set has only the 10 DVDs and 2 DVDs of I assume work sheets. You'd have to review their website.


The text and solutions guide are worth the extra $.

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