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Singapore~Interactive Science For Inquiring Minds


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Any experience with Interactive Science????????????


Tell me about your experience. Would you use it again why or why not? Are the labs conducive to homeschooling?


Thanks :001_smile:


Ours is called Interactive Science 1 and 2 (not "for inquiring minds" -- that's the current edition), but they appear to be similar. I really like it. It's challenging, especially for critical thinking (not all the answers are found verbatim in the text, and the workbook depends on the experiments as much as on the reading). We're almost done with the second book (8th grade) and there have only been a couple labs we couldn't do and a couple we adapted -- I don't have a datalogger, but we can read a thermometer ourselves! :)


The math is challenging, especially in the one chapter about units of measurement (translating units in more than one dimension, cancelling units in fractions, etc.) and in the "work" (in physics) chapter. I think one of those has been moved later in the current edition, which is probably good -- they were early in the the 7th grade book in the edition we're using, and I think it scared some users off. Just keep in mind that they're meant to run along with NEM 1 and 2, mathwise -- prealgebra/algebra/geometry.


Anything else I can tell you about it? :)

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