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So what will you get at convention?

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I'm finalizing my list for the convention this Friday... here's my list. Let me know if there is anything else I might just "HAVE" to get! LOL! Or, what's on your list?


Saxon 6/5 (used)

CLE LA grades 6, 5, 4

CLE Reading grades 6, 5, 4


The Honorable Boy by Queens

Apologia Elementary- Anatomy (if it's there yet)

Vocab from Classical Roots level 4 (need to look at this first)

IEW theme based book (not sure which one. Any suggestions?)

IEW Grammar of Poetry for 11 yodd this summer

Homeschool in the Woods Timeline CD ( I can't believe how expensive this is!)

Draw Squad (will I need certain supplies with this?)

TOG books including SOTW yr 2 AG and audio

Elsie Dinsmore series (dd is ready for the originals!)

Sketchpads for nature journals

Prismacolor colored pencils

Musician Biographies from Zeezok Publishing (can't remember the titles!)

YWAM biographies

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IEW theme based book (not sure which one. Any suggestions?)



This is the first year that I've ever been able to pull off IEW style writing. We're using the Imitations in Writing: Aesop's Fables from Logos Press. I really like this book. It has reproducable pages so all I have to do is copy and we can go. I don't have to find a good paragraph and then edit it so that it works well (which I kept having to do with excerpts from Eyewitness books and other sources, which meant that we really never got around to doing writing).


Each page has a short fable at the top, a place to list the characters in the fable, four vocabulary words to define with a short definition, and a place to write a key word outline. The kids do their outlining right on this page, cut off the story portion and use the outline to write their own story.


The Fables volume is the lowest level. Fairy tales have slightly longer stories. Then there are a few higher levels. If you're looking for an IEW help, you should check these out.

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My list for today, tomorrow and Saturday (Can't wait to leave!):


My Father's World, High School World History Program

I'm going to be checking out the CLE Language Arts also

and many levels of MUS workbooks and one complete set


but I'm sure I'll find a few more things: I really want to find some G.A. Henty books at a good price if I can.

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Analytical Grammar

Teaching Textbooks 7

Many levels of MUS

Singapare Math for my youngers to supplement MUS because they seem more mathy than my olders

My Father's World


I would also like to look at Lively Latin and compare it to LfC which is what we are currently using.


We leave this afternoon! Yee Hah!

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CLE reading 6 LU's - buy

CLE LA 7 - look/buy

CLE math 8 - look/buy


Apologia Gen. & Physical science - look

Apologia Biology - buy audio CD

Abeka science 7/8 - look

BJU science 7/8 - look


CLP Nature Reader 5 - buy 2 copies (I have an old ed.)

CLP Land of Fair Play - buy

CLP American History - look

Biblioplan 3: schedule, maps, cool history - look/buy

SOTW 3 tests - buy


IEW The Elegant Essay - look


SOS Spanish 1 - look/buy

BJU Spanish 1 - look


Critical Thinking book 1 - look

Vocabulary for the High School Student - look/buy


Progeny Press guides - Christmas Carol, & others - look


How to Read a Book - study guide - I doubt I'll find it


Latin Centered Curriculum - look


SAT prep courses/books - look



If you are doing SOTW 2 then look at IEW Medieval Based Writing Lessons.



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Yes, she's in pretty good shape. The Zofran seemed to help her turn the corner. Now my 9 yo is complaining of a tummy ache, but the older kids just had a day of cramps. She is the last one standing, so if you could pray that she has a mild case if at all. I have no idea why it hit my 5 yo the way it did. 4yo dd had it pretty bad but it didn't last as long. 5yo is eating a drinking normally again. She lost 4 lbs though. Yikes.


So, my plan is to go down with a friend this afternoon, and then come back tonight. Then DH and I are going back down tomorrow and stay overnight. Maybe I will see you tonight???

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