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Is G.A Henty enough for history?


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My son loves to read and seems to enjoy history but hates the textbook approach. I liked Sonlights approach but some of the books are going to lose him. I was considering use Kingfisher for a spine (along with a few other resources) but allow most of his reading to come from the Henty books. He is going into the 8th grade. Is this enough or is it to light?


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Just quickly--I think some Henty books are great, fun, interesting, well-written, attractive---and some are dry, boring, slightly biased (in an unattractive? way), and icky. You'd have to pre-read to see what you are comfy with. (It's personal, so please don't ask which ones I feel this way about.) And, some of them are a lot harder to get thru than the Sonlight books. Just mo,ymmv.

What part of the rotation will you be doing? There are lots of great books out there--I'd certainly use some Henty novels, but I wouldn't go "all Henty, all the time."

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