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I know it's been posted about soo many times but my search isn't coming up with anything. I need a good article, something short, sweet and to the point for those who have never considered the importance. I just don't have the WHY clear enough in my own head to be able to articulate it well enough to convince.

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If you visit The Latin-Centered Curriculum, you should be able to locate the article entitled "Why Latin: 10 Answers to a Perennial Question". Also visit Memoria Press's website; they have some excellent articles, including "In Defense of Latin", "Latin is the Next Step After Phonics", and "Why Study Latin?".


As for our family, we did Latin, but as I look back, I incorporated it very poorly into our daily schedule. If I could do it over, I would make Latin more of a focal point in our studies.


Hope these articles give you enough information to help you make your decision!

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Ha! I was just having to defend it in our home today! I'm reminded Ds2 that he is required to go through Latin III (the highest Florida Virtual has at this point), but strongly encouraged to continue through APLatin.


Ds2: "But why, Mom? Ds1 is taking Spanish and speaking it in Haiti and we can't speak Latin to anyone."


Me: "But, ds2, do you realize that the kids who have studied Latin have scored higher on SATs than kids who have taken any other foreign language?"


Ds2 (pauses, then spurts out) "Yeah, but that's just because all the nerds take Latin."


Me: :001_huh: :willy_nilly: :toetap05:


ETA: And I have secret plans to start Greek at some point. Ya think that will go over? :leaving:


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Ds2: "... we can't speak Latin to anyone."




http://www.christendom.edu/latin/index.shtml (high school level)








http://www.cavclassics.org/ (beginners)


Regarding the importance of Latin:


A Natural History of Latin (Tore Janson)


Ad Infinitum: A Biography of Latin (Nicholas Ostler)


Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin (Tracy Lee Simmons)


Latin Centered Curriculum (Andrew Campbell)

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