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I'd hate to switch. SSRW.

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I have been using SSRW with my dc with success. I have a ds7 and recently dd5. My dd5 is now on Level 1 of SSRW and is progressing well with reading.


The only thing is that she is still young and her writing hasn't fully developed...she writes fine (really well, actually), but gets tired easily. SSRW Level 1 has lots of writing and I was wondering if anyone out there has just simply skipped the writing part??


It seems like such an integral part of the program, but my daughter just can't write as much as my son can in one sitting. I mean, the whole Level 1 workbook is a ton of writing!


I would hate to switch, but will if necessary. The thing if I switch would be figuring out where she is in her reading level. I have PP and OPGTR as well.


Any advice??? She is a super fast learner and I feel like I'm holding her back with all the writing.


Liz in NC

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Skip the writing!!!!

I have used SSRW with four of my dc so far, my oldest was the only who did the whole thing~writing and all.

Poor thing, what can I say...he was my guinea pig:tongue_smilie:


That experience showed me the writing was indeed too much for my little ones so I just stuck to the phonics portion and did separate handwriting sheets (we use GDI).

After they had the reading down, we have used SWO to reinforce phonics rules, ETC, and Rod and Staff (different programs for different dc).


I didn't want to give up SSRW because it's so much fun for the kids.

Mine really enjoyed learning to read using that program.

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One of the things I really liked about SSRW was that I found it easily adaptable. My oldest was on the young side when he went through the program, and we stopped doing the writing rather quickly as it was holding him back. It's really just writing words, a lot of words, without any context. You can just create some copywork for writing, incorporating the words in the step you are on in SSRW if you want. Feel free to tweak to meet your needs. Overall SSRW is a good program.

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