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Finishing Singapore book early -- WWYD

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Well, finishing early or finishing late, depending on your perspective.


Ds has been a half-year off in Singapore, he was supposed to be doing 4B-5A this year. For some reason, he is just now finishing 4B.. I think it's because we use so many supplements. I am perfectly fine with his progress, I feel he is doing well.


However, he will probably be finishing 4B and its various supplements (we use them all) at the end of April. I have all the materials to start 5A, but don't know that I want to get into it for just a month then break for the summer. We travel a lot during the summer, so I usually just take some review workbooks for the kids to play with; I don't want to haul a bunch of math books everywhere, kwim? Otherwise we could just continue on through the summer.


So the question, would you start 5A for about a month, or would you work on reviewing/cementing concepts from level 4? This means that next year he'd be a 6th grader doing level 5, is that a problem?



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It's certainly not a problem to finish 6B in 7th grade, you'll still have time to do NEM and Calculus or another sequence through Calculus. I wouldn't want to lug a bunch of stuff around on vacation either. If you do want an extremely portable review book, take a look at Math Mammoth. They fit well with Singapore (although I've only used the first grade level books so YMMV) and they're downloads that you can print page by page:




The homeschool buyer's coop has a deal on them now, but it's for large packages:




Have fun this summer!

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I vote for doing 5A. You can easily finish the first 2 sections of 5A which are Whole Numbers and Multiplication and Division before the school is out. Those 2 sections are not new concepts but extensions of old ones, they should not take long. Then you can start in September with Fraction which is what gets difficult in 5A. After that 5A gets easy again with some geometry topics.


I would not recommend this if your child is not doing well in math, but since he is, there is no reason not to continue. Hope this make sense.:001_smile:

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I have used Singapore with all four of my ds' and that is the way we have done it/are doing it. We just continue on. I don't really see that there is any big break or change in the topcis as you move on...I see the books as a continuum and we just keep going. If our math stalls over the summer we just pick up where we left off. A couple of my boys have been ahead of the grade number on the book and a couple have been behind the grade number of the book, but I have never been concerned because they have continued to make good progress. We also have used the supplements which are excellent, especially the Challenging Word Problems.

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