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Ellen McHenry's Carbon Chemsitry


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Has anyone used this with a 5th grader? I am planning on using The Elements first, then thought I would follow up with the Carbon Chemistry. After looking at the samples, I'm thinking it might be too much for my dd. Of course, we won't really be getting to it for another 9 months or so.


Any thoughts?

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Thanks! That is good to hear. I can't wait to get started.


Anyone else?


We're going to do "Elements" plus "Carbon Chemistry" next year for fifth grade. Wish we lived close enough to get together once a month and play games. I think our kids would like that.


Julie, who is homeschooling an "only" and is O.K. with that most days.

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My rising 6th grader will be doing The Elements next year. I had considered using the Carbon Chemistry course to round out the year, but I thought it might be a little too much for her based on the samples. If she enjoys The Elements (and I think it looks like a lot of fun), she'll do the other Ellen McHenry courses in junior high.


Instead of Carbon Chemistry, I'm adding in some other books - Exploring the World of Chemistry (Tiner), a Robert Boyle biography (Tiner), and The Mystery of the Periodic Table.


Blessings as you figure out your plan for your family.



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