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New at this, some age difference questions re: curriculum


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My kids are both in a charter school right now, and I've decided to home school them starting next year. My DS is 10, going into 5th grade. My DD is 6, going into 2nd grade. So here is my dilemma. I like WTM, and was thinking of using Story of the World, or something similar. But according to WTM, my son would be entering the "Logic" phase, and my daughter is still in the "Grammar" phase. But, although my son was always tested very ahead of his grade level, this year has been a horrible year at school and he has gotten behind. So I don't know if technically he should go into the Logic phase without first learning some of the basic Grammar rules and foundations. How do you integrate two kids on different levels, without starting at the beginning? I also looked at My Father's World and wonder how that compares, it seems a bit more easy to start both kids at the same level, but I really liked the Classical Education method.

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