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Latin struggle: Online or live tutor?

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I'm now ready to commit to a foreign language and I am struggling with which way to choose.


I found a mom who teaches out of her home. She teaches small classes or privately. She comes with excellent referrals. BUT...she is a good 35 minute drive. BUT... all my kids could receive a lesson at once.


Or do I go with a online school, like Potter's, and save myself the anguish of driving?


But wouldn't a live teacher be more enriching?


Any opinions?


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Have you been able to meet the teacher and see her in action? Can you sit it in (virtually speaking) on a Potter's class? I'd try to do both and see what you think. If you signed up for the Potter's class, could all your children participate?


Weigh the price of gas, time, class fees into the equation. Do you wish to participate also? Do you have younger children to watch over while the others are in class? (or could you, gasp, read a book for pleasure?!)




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No, I would not participate and I have no younger children to watch over.


I am just wondering if the drive is worth a live teacher versus a computer...


I also want a teacher to be able to completely take over this one class, I'm hands on enough in everyhting else and I need a break!!

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