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Chalkdust SAT Math Review -

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I just received this set and plan to implement it with my son prior to the PSAT in October. The literature that was sent with the program indicates that it is about 90-120 hours of work (3-4 months 1 hour per day).


So, for those of you who have used it, what do you find is the most effective way to use this course - if you are using it for the PSAT? I'm wondering if a more focused (more hours per day) shorter time period before the PSAT would be best or if it's best to spread it out over 3-4 months.


I thought I remembered someone mentioning that they used it for about 7 weeks before the PSAT.


Anyways, I'm just wondering what you all have found to be the best way to implement the program or what pitfalls you encountered using it.



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As I recall the DVD set was about 14 hours long. I had my teen watch the DVD and stop it whenever she needed/wished to work a problem. She also did several practice tests (in their entirety) as well as worked through math sections in the big blue book. Ideally, I'd start the Chalkdust program about 8 weeks before the test for maximum effect.




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Or perhaps, they're suggesting that you repeat the material more than once? The only problem we encountered was that we bought some of the first dvd's which did not include a navigation menu. It wasn't a problem for viewing on the computer, because it's possible to keep approximate track of lessons using the media player tools. However, at that time we were using a small television/dvd player and skipping through to find each day's current lesson was a bit inconvenient. Ds wrote down the problem on screen at the end of each session and tucked the paper into the dvd holder.


We found 15-20 minutes a day in addition to the regular math worked best for us.

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