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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Jr. - any opinions?

Stacey in MD

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We have it. I won't say I am over the moon about it but the kids enjoy it. The reason I am not over the moon is because the reality is I could have taken envelopes and labeled them as he does, made a chore chart, and made a saving for chart. The reality, however, is that I probably never would have so the kids use it and enjoy it. They set goals (saving for a Wii), they got to purchase what they saved for, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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I bought it for my dd. We both loved it for about a month and then it got old. I'm not knocking the program at all. It's just that I LOVE to start new things (a daily schedule with cute little sticky notes, knitting, painting old furniture to name a few) and then don't usually finish things.


This is on me and not the program but for those out there who know they are like this, too, I would save your money and make your own program. Your children could make and label their own envelopes. They are going to learn best by your example of how to handle money wisely.



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