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syllable division rules


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I'm looking for a list of the syllable division rules. I would like something that will explain where to divide longer words in a simple, easy to understand way. I'm not looking for a curriculum or workbook, but maybe just a website with it all clearly listed and explained. The ABC's and All Their Tricks explains it, but I have to admit I am still somewhat stumped about how to explain it to a 5 year old. She reads quite well, but longer words really trip her up. The fact that I can't tell which part of the words are accented, stressed or unstressed doesn't help me either.


We have been doing the online Phonics Lessons from the Phonics Page (by Elizabeth) and they have explained it well (especially open and closed syllables), but I would like a list or page that I could look at to make sure I really understand it well enough to teach it. The whole latin vs. english words confuses me.



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I did it with only one rule: how do the syllables divide so you can still pronounce them correctly? If you split 'pronunciation' into 'pro-nunc-iat-ion' then you can't read it easily. If, however, you split it into 'pro-nun-cia-tion' (or 'pro-nun-ci-a-tion' if you like) then it reads fairly well.


Then you get to 'zebra', which the US half of the house would split as 'ze-bra' and the UK half of the house as 'zeb-ra'...



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If you can get a copy of Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Spalding (5th edition), there is a complete list of syllable rules on p. 226-227. It provides excellent explanations and examples for you. Maybe that would help you provide simple explanations for your 5 year old. In fact, I would only introduce the simplest of the rules until he/she is reading many multisyllabic words.




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