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How much grammar is enough for a 3rd grader?

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I can't tell you how much is enough, because frankly, I don't know! :D But I can tell you that *I* prefer to trust the tried and true curriculum sources out there; those that have stood the test of time.


My personal favorite is BJU. It is colorful and fun, adds in some simple writing exercises should you want or need them, and it doesn't move too quickly. Each year builds upon the previous year with review and added concepts. It has been a big hit here.


Rod & Staff is also a good choice. Disadvantages are that it is a hardbound book and not a worktext. It is not colorful and it tends to have a lot of exercises. When we used it, we did it orally as my son was still pencil phobic then.


Abeka. Abeka has been around FOREVER and is a tried and true curriculum. Some find it on the advanced side of the spectrum, I cannot personally say.


Two that I would seriously consider if I were not using BJU would be Shurley Grammar and CLE. Both look very well done. I like the memorization in Shurley, and the samples I have seen look great. CLE, also, looks great. It's laid out simply, and seems to explain things very well.


There are probably other good choices, but those were the ones that came to mind. I personally do not care for Easy Grammar. It's called Easy for a reason and it did my older children a great disservice. Many love it though.


My advice would be to pick a 'tried & true' curriculum that works for you and stick with it through the years. Third grade is a good time to pick and stick.:D Switching around is rarely helpful in the long run, and well, English Grammar is English Grammar. New approaches and philosophies have not stood the test of time. I cannot tell you how many times I've got burned over the years by falling for 'the new homeschool rage.' I am learning with my last child that some curriculum have stood the test of time for a reason. ;)

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