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song school people... ? for you


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I used it w/my twin boys (3rd grade this year) and my 7 yo dd who is in 2nd. They have really liked it! I was a little concerned that my boys would think it was babyish but they really enjoyed it. It's been a great introduction to Latin. My youngest tries to sing along as well (just turned 3). I keep one of the CD's in the car and we sing it for review while driving to our activities. I'm planning on using Latin for Children next year.

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It depends on your goals. If you're content to learn a few handfuls of vocabulary words in their most basic forms, it's a fun, easy way to do it. If you really want to get started "learning Latin", there are other programs where you'll accomplish more. But as a fun, easy, introduction to the idea that Latin is a part of your school days, and a pleasant part, then this is a good way to go. And yes, the 4yo can absolutely do it as well (though if he can't read yet, obviously he'll just be learning the vocabulary orally, and that's fine).


I did SSL with my dd this past year (roughly 1st/2nd grade), and she enjoyed it and liked the idea that she was doing Latin like her older brother (doing Latin Prep 2 this year). She will do a more rigorous elementary program next year (heavily supplemented Minimus), and after two years of that, we'll move on to Latin Prep with her as well. It worked for what I wanted for her this year.


It's *very* easy. But it's not really "babyish". Lots of little folk-songs and other simple melodies (some familiar, some not) reworked to introduce a few words of Latin vocab. It can easily be done in 5-10 minutes a few times a week. You just have to decide if that's what you want for this year, or if you want something more. (For my first child, I probably would have demanded something more, lol. This time around, it was fine for this year...) ;)

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