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Analytical Grammar? Has anyone used this?

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I am using analytical grammar for a while.

After your student has completed this they will know

everything they need. The author recommends section 1

taught in 6th, section 2 7th and section 3 8th. Depending on pace each section should take no more than 1/2 of a year and the second half is to be focused

on writing. It covers everything there is to know about

diagramming, parts of speach, and punctuation. This can be done in a year of so with no breaks. After completion there are review sheets. Excellent program!

Son is in 8th grade and is doing well with it. If you get

stuck the author is always willing to answer question.


This doesn't cover usage.



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doing Easy Grammar. She was doing the AG but it was really tedious for her. The EG is definitely working better for her, though I know it is not as rigorous. Of course I have the AG if I need to have her do it more during HS, but I think the EG will give her some confidence. She is in 9th grade. Her 7th grade brother is doing the regular AG with NO trouble, and her 10th/11th grade sister is doing it also.


All in all I like that the AG is working, but the EG is okay too and has its place.

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My 12 yo dd and I really like A.G. It is motivating to her that she can work hard to get through a section of AG and be done (except for every other week review). I like it because she's diagramming and parsing sentences better than I can! In addition, once a secton of AG is completed, I can turn my attention to other things in L.Arts, like writing or Latin.

(We are doing AG over 3 years...6,7,8th, as is recommended, we do one section a year)



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