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Is FLL enough grammar??


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It seems to me that the written exercises in R&S are a bit much for the average 2nd and 3rd grader. I used R&S 3 with my son and he hated it and didn't really get much out of it. I decided to use FLL 3 and 4 with my daughter and to use FLL4 with my son because I really believe the oral lessons are so helpful at that age to cement concepts. You could modify R&S and make the lessons oral--which I had to do to some extent with my son, but that is a lot of work. The dialogue in the FLL lessons really helps me to know if my child understands. I think for grammar, FLL is enough. I use a phonics program (Christian Liberty Press) and Writing with Ease along with FLL.


Does that explanation help?



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... I am finishing FLL2 with my dd (age 7). I am amazed at what she knows, and at what she can tell me about grammar. I love FLL because it is fun and funny sometimes.


When she does have a problem with something, I remind myself that I didn't learn some things (e.g. the list of prepositions) until I was much older.


I would rather have her feel positive -- like grammar, than crank out a bunch of sentences and diagrams. That can come later.


I love grammar. I took advanced grammar as an elective in college, and I remember my friends thought I was crazy!





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I did R&S English 2 and 3 much like FLL is set up - we sat together and I went through it orally. I only had her doing some of the written work by the second half of grade 3. By grade 4 she was doing a lot of it independently, but definately not all the problems - way too much IMO.


I'm going through FLL with my second child and we're working through year 2 of it right now. It might be a bit "lighter" in terms of work load...but I think the content is very comparable. I prefer FLL at this point - for the early grammar years. We'll transition to R&S English either for grade 4 or 5.

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Oh yeah...FLL is enough. It isn't a ton each day but it reviews everything repeatedly. My 12 yr old is FINALLY have topics stick. It is indeed enough.


FYIW, we tried R&S and GWG before this and no retention.

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She couldn't do it--it was too difficult logically and had too much writing.


I thought it was a great program, but we had to put it aside for a while. If FLL3 had been available then, I would have jumped all over it.


One caveat--I prefer the person, then number order to pronouns:


I, you, he, she, or it, we, you, they


FLL uses a different order in 1 and 2--not sure whether they switch at level three. So if you also prefer the person, order sequence, and learning all the subject pronouns as one list, object pronouns as another, etc., RS might be a better fit.


Many of us do RS one grade behind. If you do that, you need to either beef up the writing a bit or use another writing program as well or instead of the RS writing assignments.


I had a hard time accepting that DD had so much trouble with RS, but since found out that some kids think it's incredibly easy and others find it quite hard (at that age.) Seems like an all or nothing, readiness-type proposition.

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