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Something that you don't expect your dc to ask!! Also,found a deal on vanilla beans

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Ds(18) asked to go to Cost Plus World Market, he was told that they sold spices(he has been looking for Chili paste) and cooking items. While in there we noticed that they were having a sale on spices..$2.99. They had one jar left of vanilla beans. So we got a jar that has 2 beans for $2.99!!


While checking out, ds asked me to stop by a liquor store to buy him some Vodka!

I started laughing, I told him I never thought my dc would ask me to go to a liquor store and I would be willing to do it!:D:D:D



How much liquor do I need and what do I use to put the bean and the vodka in?

Do we use both beans?

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but, you must understand that I am not nearly pregnant enough to go into the liquor store and buy cheap vodka.


It's tradition.


;) Jo


You ready to carry on with that tradition, Jo? :cool:


You know, I started a bottle of my own homemade vanilla sometime pre-last-Christmas. As in, 2006. It wasn't ready to give away in time, so when we moved, I packed it away with the stuff that went into storage. Here we are, almost a year later, (and more than a year since that bottle was stuffed with vanilla beans) and that bottle is still in some stored box. Gotta wonder what kind of RESERVE VANILLA I may have when I finally get my hands on it again!


OP -- sounds like your son is a real foodie. Good for him!



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