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Curriculum recommendation--simple machines


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I have a book from www.sslearning.com that has reproducible worksheets about simple machines called "Learning about Simple Machines". It includes simple experiments and lab sheets to fill in, along with informative type worksheets to introduce each simple machine and the scientific method. There is a short teacher's guide in the front. My book says it is for Grades 1-3. I went to their website and it would appear my particular copy is either out of print or they changed the cover art, but they have a Simple Machines book for both Grades 1-3 and 4-6. I never actually used mine since we never found the time to do the experiments, but it looks like a very thorough book.

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Someone here once posted this:


I haven't used it, but thought it looked decent.


I have also used the Lego Simple machines learning kits like these:


(My DS loves the building it part, but the science learning part is sparse and dry. That's OK though, b/c the fact that Legos are involved outweighs it!)


Here's something else I found that has free curric., though I guess you'd have to have the Lego parts:



I think Lego has some free online curric. ideas of their own too:



So there's a few to check out and investigate! Have a good day...

- Stacey

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K'nex Education has some simple machines kits. They used to have TMs for extra $$; now I think you get the TMs on a disk with your purchase (about $30/kit). I have the kits & TMs, but will not use them until spring, so I can't give you a review. I did, however, attend a hands-on workshop on the kits and was pretty impressed.

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One thing I would *not* recommend is the Science in a Nutshell kits. While they have great materials and seem to have lots of cool experiments, one thing they lack, which IMHO makes them useless, is guidence on expected answers and outcomes. I can usually work around this because I know the expected outcome, but not always, and when I can't it makes me crazy.


I don't know if they have anything about simple machines, but in general Home Science Tools has some good products.

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