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I am going to bump my dd up to Eng. 3. I am just not sure she is ready for the Reading 3 as the workbooks have so much writing in them. She has been a very hesitant writer and I am hoping that if I go with reading 2 with her it might ease her into it a bit more. I have really been struggling with this decission. We started with the English 2 but it is so easy and I am pretty sure she can do the 3rd level.

OH my. I wish there was someone to just make these decissions for me but I guess that is called PS. LOL

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I heard that English 3 is considerably more difficult than 2. You may want to see the book first. I use HOD and they use English 2 for up to 9 yr olds for the reason being that 3 is much more difficult than the previous level. I'd just check it out first. Just a heads up.


However, if she doesn't like writing, English 2 may be a good idea since Reading 2 has a lot of writing. It's a good balance.

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It does not matter if they are using the English and reader at the same pace. One of my dds used the 2nd grade reader and the 3rd grade English book last year.


Oh, and we cross out a lot of the stuff in the workbooks. I don't have my children write sentence answers. I read them the question, and they narrate me the answer.



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Thanks ladies,

You guys are always so helpful and patient with me.

I feel like I have bounced her around so much and really need to find what we should be doing and stick with it.

I think I am going to go over a couple of the lessons with her from each book this week and then decide where I feel I should place her.

As I have looked over the 3rd grade English I really do feel she will be able to do that without a problem. I have been doing a lot of her Eng. orally with maybe one writing assignment but not extreemly long.

Jennie, I like the idea of reading the sentence questions and have her narrate the answer. That might make the 3rd grade fit her a bit better. She is a good reader and her comprehension is good so I know the reading part will not be a problem. Neither of my two LIKE to write though. Sometimes I wonder if I have just been to lax in this area?

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