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SS in MD

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I'm sure this question has been beaten to death... sorry!


My 7th grader is finishing up Lials Introductory Algebra 1. She said it was fine, but would have liked more in-depth (step-by-step) examples sometimes. So, for 8th grade, either I can purchase Lials Algebra II or I've been thinking of TT Algebra II or VideoText. I would love to hear what you all think of TT or VT? Likes/dislikes? IYHO, is it rigorous enough for a student who plans to take 4 years of math in hs? Are they worth the $$$?


Thank you so much for the responses! :001_smile:

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OK, I have used both with a High school student. VT Algebra and TT geom (VT didn't make geom at that point)

I also don't know about rigorous. It always seems to me that if the stuff is easy for your dc they will finish it early thus leaving time for a more advanced text. It they cannot finish it early then it is rigorous enough for them. :)


That said, it is a hearty vote for VT. I know that for many people TT is a God-send, but not for us. DD found the lectures boring and irritating. She nicknamed the lecturer "Mr Woffle". The spiral curriculum also irritated her, all my kids are better with a mastery approach. We found there was not enough practice of the new concept, and too much of the old ones. We ditched the CDRoms, and adapted the book to suit us, but it was a lot of work.


VT is mastery. The start....the first unit....is a pre-algebra type review wich will go very quickly but worth doing to get used to their style. After this (about the time you are wondering if you had spend all this money on a programme you dc will complete in a few weeks ;)) it starts to bite! Lessons begin to take maybe a week sometimes. The lecturers are clear and informative, and the programme is well laid out, and simple to use.


I'm not knocking TT. If your kids like a spiral approach and need a lot of explanations, it may work for you.




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