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Advice needed for Science with 7th grader. Skip General Science/Physical??

Marcie in GA

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My soon to be 7th grader is determined to finish BCM by Christmas so that she can start Alg 1. I am positive that she will get it done, she is motivated!


I need help planning her science. Until now, she has read the Apologia younger science series by J. Fulbright and is reading WinterPromise Sea and Sky. She loves the Discovery channel and any show involving health/medicine. With Apologia, it states you should begin Biology when you start ALg. 1.....she hasn't had General or Physical science... What should I do now? My dd has told me that she wants to go far in science with career interest in engineering or medicine.

Any advice on what to do? Start having her read through General and Physical now? Start Biology with 9th grade sister in the fall?

Older sister completed these and I have the books on hand. (Oldest is not wanting to move so fast in science, so the sequence was easier to figure out)


Thanks for all your help!



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Hi Marcie,


I don't plan to do Apologia General or Physical science before we move into Apologia Biology. They are not prerequisites, and in my opinion, have little bearing on high school science.


We've almost completed all of the Apologia Elementary series too, but Zoology III will be released in May 2008. My oldest son really enjoys this series. I don't plan on any formal science for 7th or 8th grade, but I will purchase any new books released by Jeannie Fulbright. So next year he will read Zoology III on his own. Hopefully, her Chemistry/Physics and Anatomy books will be out soon. I would like for him to read these in 8th grade if they are available.


My oldest loves to build and create. He will more than likely go into an engineering field like his dad. We are both comfortable with no generic science courses in the junior high years, but science will be a priority in high school.

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The recommendation is stated so students will be on the Algebra 1 level at the least. It's perfectly fine for them to be taking Algebra 2, Geometry, or some higher math. I'd say most students (at least the ones I know) taking Biology in the 9th grade have already taken Algebra 1 in either the 7th or 8th grade. HTH-

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If your dd has science aspirations you should try to fit in the AP level of the field she is interested in, so you need to plan for that in your HS plan. That said and coming from a science major, if you dd has had plenty of exposure to science, I don't think that you need to do general and physical science, unless you wanted to give her an extra year before starting biology.

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It's not for credit but it is going well. She hasn't had Algebra I yet although she has done Singapore and is doing BCM. The hardest part is the vocabulary. She is very science oriented so is enjoying it hugely. We aren't doing it quite in the order written and the biochemistry part is not bringing as much joy as the others, lol, but still it is doable.




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Why do we begin teaching history before the logic or rhetoric stages? Children may not be able to conceptualize or grasp fully the events about which they are learning, but they are establishing pegs on which to hang future study. In the same way, Apologia Physical (and even General Science) in 6th, 7th, or 8th will lay a foundation for the future.


My DD is just completing Apologia Physical Science this year (6th grade). 7th grade math was a pre-requisite for this course (but she was fine there).


What this course did for her is that it brought together science and math for the first time.


Additionally, she learned the format of reading, studying, thinking about science, completing experiments, and writing the lab reports, etc. on a pretty rapid schedule (for 6th grade). She also had to complete the unit summaries to be really prepared for her unit tests.


The content of Physical Science was also excellent in that it put down a groundwork of terminology for physics (circuitry, motion, laws of physics), chemistry (periodic table, protons, neutrons, etc.), the scientific method, weather and earth science. Additionally, it introduced these and other topics into their minds for thought. I believe that this course will have an impact on high school science in many ways. I think that it will be an excellent preparation for further study in a number of areas, and will allow my DD to begin studying them more in depth in high school (and beyond) with a basic understanding or framework already in place.


This is just my opinion, and we have to each make choices according to our individual children and their needs. For these reasons, I do not plan to skip science in 7th or 8th grades.:glare:


Further note: Biology could be studied at any point after Algebra I has been learned (or possibly concurrently). If your child completes Algebra I in 7th, he/she COULD begin biology in 8th (if he/she is a precocious scientist)....or he could complete Algebra I in 8th and go on to Biology in 9th....:tongue_smilie:

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