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what is the best way to freeze fresh tortillas.

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I just put in the freezer in whatever bag they originally came in. I do this all the time with both corn and flour tortillas, but I am just freezing them for short periods...up to 3 weeks. I buy my corn ones fresh in a large package, so I pull out about half to use and freeze the other half. I buy flour ones at Costco - they come in a twin pack so I just freeze one of the packs. We go through a LOT of tortillas around here so they are never in the freezer for long.


If I were going to be freezing them for longer, I'd probably put the original packaging inside a large (gallon) freezer bag. But I still don't think I'd store them in the freezer for longer than 6 weeks.

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I always freeze my tortillas in the original package, but they never last very long. One thing I do - have no idea where I heard this - is to put a paper towel in the package to absorb excess moisture as they thaw. Both my corn and flour tortillas have no 'freezer' taste.



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