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All American History

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Has anyone in California used All American History by Celeste Rakes for high school? Did you use both volumes to satisfy one year of American history?







I would think you could do that. If you don't get any other responses I would suggest you e-mail the publisher. She is a hsing mom herself with two graduates, so she has been down the transcript path.


You could also ask on the yahoo group. (She is on there as well, though this is convention season, so she might not be watching her e-mail box that closely.)


If you are looking at something for a few years from now, I think they will be bata testing a new Illuminations program for AAS next year. This will eventually extend to cover LA, Lit (including analysis), geography, ect...for both the Mystery of History and the All American books. Though come to think of it that will be a two year program, so probably not what you are looking for.



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We're not in CA, but you could do that if you did more than one lesson (chapter) per week. There are about 32 lessons per book; it takes both levels to complete US History.


I recommend the TM as there are some good reading lists and activity suggestions there. The workbooks have mapwork and workbooky questions & reviews. We use the workbooks for my dd who hates history, but if you're going to outline and do a lot of writing, you could do it without the workbooks.

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