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Science Question....in search of the perfect science. :)


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Hello all!


Maybe I am missing something so if I am, can someone point me in the correct direction??? What I am looking for is a science program for a 5th grader that is like WP but more of a general science and less of a year long study. I would like it to be from a creation POV with discussion of evolution with plenty of books to work from, some history of science with some experiments but not over full of them. The child in question is interested in geology and fossils as well as some chemistry. I did look at doing it the WTM way but neither do not at this time feel confident at this time to pull something like together nor am I very good with time managment so I really need some type of schedule.


One note of the evolution issue, I do want them to know about it and understand it but I want them to also know and understand the creation POV and how all scientist have a biased POV and how it can effect the way that the evidence in viewed.


Is something like that out there?? :confused:


Thank you for whatever input you all have for me!!:bigear:



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I have really enjoyed using the AIG God's Design series. There are many ways use can use the books. They are in sets that make up a whole year but you can just buy/use one in the set with no problem. There are plenty of resources listed, you can do as much or little as you want.

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