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About those IEW history-based writing lessons...

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Tell me more! I was looking at the new site (very cool btw), and saw the US History-based program. We are doing US History, and will probably continue it into the fall of next year, or maybe all of next year.


Are these stand-alone programs? Do you need to have completed an SWI? What's the deal??

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It would be ideal if you could go through TWSS to get a good idea of how the program works and how to really get the most out of the lessons, but if you can't, they are easily doable by themselves.

They are a great way to reinforce what you're learning in history and you end up with a keepsake notebook full of your quality writing projects.

The lessons also reinforce grammar concepts and vocabulary needed for excellent writing.

I'm sure the samples will be back on the website soon.

I just ordered the new life science lessons and am looking forward to using them as we learn Biology.

I heartily recommend these theme based lessons.



~Sabrina in NY

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We've used Medieval history-based lesson plans in a co-op setting this year and it's fabulous! The teacher-mom explains the lesson to the kids (it's all in the book) and copies it for the other moms so we can help our own kids. It's very user-friendly and I highly recommend it! We'd done R&S writing lessons from the beginning, but I feel this is a good alternative (we've skipped R&S writing lessons in the grammar books this year). My boys now write with more descriptive words/phrases and their structure is improved as well.


BTW, my boys are 7th, 7th, 9th.



Kimm in WA

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I will definitely have to order. But did yall say you would need to complete an SWI before doing them? I have looked at some of the TWSS (a friend has them), and we did use IEW in a co-op years ago so I am a bit familiar with it.


We're using Trism's with TWSS for the first time this year. I think the TWSS is essential, but if you have some background with IEW you might be able to do it on your own. Is that vague enough? :p For me, TWSS was a lifesaver and more than worth the money (2 8th graders and 1 9th grader) for us. What I liked was the very specific guidelines and checklists. It took me out of most of the writing equation. The boys' writing has improved dramatically and, most importantly, without drama.



I'd be happy to answer more specific questions if you have them here or if you want to pm me.

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US History-based is excellent!


If you aren't familiar with IEW and your kids don't know about key word outlines or story outlines in the IEW style and they haven't learned at least some of the dressups/openers, then I recommend that you either start with volume 1 of US History-based (which starts you at the beginning) or work through SWI-B or SWI-C before moving into US History-based volume 2.


Volume 1 takes you up to right before the Civil War.

Volume 2 starts off with several slavery topics and then moves into the Civil War.

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