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Comparing CLE Math (elem grades) and Singapore Math...

SS in MD

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Can someone who has used both CLE Math & SM tell me in their opinion,

does CLE do just a good a job at teaching "whys" of math and mental math?? I've used SM thru' 6B with my older dc, but my 8 yo dd is having a tough time with SM 1B, so I'm thinking of switching to something that's less abstract w/more practice (she's having a tough time understanding horizontal addition 53+15 = 50+10+3+5 in her head), but then again wonder if I should just plow thru' and stick with SM? Perhaps a combo of SM & something else?? Why does this always have to be so complicated?


Any thoughts would be great! TIA! ;)

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I have used both, but let me preface that by saying that I used it when my oldest dd was in 1st and 2nd and my son was in 4th grade. Back then it was just Singapore math. There was no US edition and such, so the program may have changed from the one I used.


That being said, CLE and Singapore are really two different animals. CLE is spiral, and Singapore is mastery. CLE does deal with mental math. CLE has the children do things similar to what you are speaking of, but it does it in very small chucks.


Have you seen the new samples over on the CLE website. They are a little tricky to find. They has created pdf files for 1 or 2 lessons in each lightunit for each grade. So, you can get a feel for the whole grade by clicking through the samples for all of the lightunits in that grade.


Much of the instruction in the early grade is done my using pictures to explain the concepts, but if you feel you need manipulatives then it is certainly fine to add them as needed. I have had to do this based on what I see to be the needs of my students. That's what teachers do.


I also like that CLE has the drill component in the curriculum. I always felt I had to add different books when I used Singapore.



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Thanks so much for your help...

Yes, I did call CLP and asked for a free sample, but they told me to go online instead. I have looked at the samples, just didn't see anything in regards to mental math strategies. But, the samples were just a few of the lessons in a particular light unit, so it is hard to get a feel for the program.


Thanks again.

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