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Experience in dog training

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I would love to hear from those of you who have experience training dogs. I would like to proposition a local person that I know who has extensive dog training skills to perhaps add a new service to her business. I'm curious as to what you think about this before I bring the idea to her.


I got my Bichon when I was 7 months pregnant. I thought that it would be a relatively good time to do so as I could have her pretty much house trained by the time the baby was born. I also thought it would make the transition easier for my 4 year old. I somehow missed the fact that Bichons can be difficult to house train. I have taken her to clicker obedience training and do work with her, though not on a regular schedule.


She does not come when she is called unless she knows I have treats. So we can only rarely have her off lead even in our own yard. That is the biggest problem. She is a barker and jumps on people as well.


I would like to see if this person would be interested in working with my dog to train her. After she has enlighted my little bichon, then I hope she will enlighten me as to how about to continue the new learned skills.


I know dogs are supposed to have one trainer. But I'm burning more ends of the candle than the candle actually has. I do not enjoy the dog and really want to help her so that we can all enjoy each other.


Would this work? How much should I pay?

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I am sure the trainer might be willing to help train the dog for you but the big problem that I see with that is when will YOU be able to train her?

A dog trainer normally helps someone learn how to speak to their dog so that they communicate what they want. WHich means is the dog jumps on someone, how can you be trained to get the dog not to do that and so forth.

I would def. talk with her though as maybe she can give you some really good ideas.

Are you woking on training the dog at all right now? Is she getting adequate exercise? A tired dog is a happy dog and normally not able to get into as many problems.

Reading what you want from the trainer I would recommend getting yourself and the dog back into trianing classes, maybe with this trainer and then doing your best to sticking to the training. You will build a relationship with the dog and hopefully understand waht she needs from you and how you can give that to her.

I am rambling because my brain is tired so if this does not make sense, ask me again.;)

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Thanks! It does make sense :)


I would like to take classes again, but my husband works many hours of overtime, and much of it is spur of the moment work. So neither of us really has the ability to take any kind of class etc. because if he gets a call to work he goes and I am not able to get to the class. I dislike it more than I can say, but as that is our income there isn't much I can do to change it.


With regard to me doing it on my own, I know what I should be doing, but she must need more consistent training or something because all though she will sit, and stay and come when I'm holding her treats, she will not do it otherwise. When people come to the door I can have her treat and tell her to sit but she ignores me. Training with a newly 3 year old in the house is very difficult. The older one takes her to bed with him and I'm ususally too tired or trying to find a few moments to run that I don't think to do it.


We've always had large dogs before and haven't had such difficulties training them. This little girl is definitely resistant to change. She is getting snappy around her food dish lately though and that worries me. She is three by the way.

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Def. would be talking to the trainer because again, even if you cannot devote the full time to her she might be able to give you some better ideas.

The dog should not be snappy at any time around her food dish.


FOr that I would recommend you feeding her at set times only. and only you doing it. AM feeding, dish in front of her, put her into a sit. Drop a few kibbles in the bowl and make her stay in the sit until you give her the Eat command. if she will not stay, put her on a leash and make her wait that way. After those kibbles are eaten, give her a few by hand while she is sitting, etc. THis should not really take you more than 10 minutes or so but this is one way for her to be fed everytime by you only. THe kids should be elsewhere at those moments. If she gets snappy at all, walk away with NO FOOD at that moment. She does need to realize that the food is coming form you when you say it is okay to eat.


For a lot of those training moments in life when we have company and so forth and they forget everything. Put them on a leash and remind her of those commands. 10 minutes a few times a day would really reinforce those trianing moments but even my puppy(who is now over 100lbs) forgets at excitement moments. I know what those moments are though and do what I can to not have them be a problem. Leashed, crated, exercised beforehand.

What about talking to some local 4-H'ers for extra training and exercise for her. See if any of the kids with dogs would be interested in doing that for you. You would still need to reinforce your position with her but it would do what you are hoping the trainer would do for you as well. Just another idea.


Good luck with whatever you decide and sorry about the rambling brain today.:)

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My neighbor boards dogs and also trains them if the owners want to pay extra for that service. She works with the dog either while the dog is at her house or if it is a non-boarding dog, then at set times. She often works with the dog alone at first to get the dog to learn the new behavior. Then she will work with the owner. Yes, she does complain that often the dog will learn the new behavior but will not do it at home because the owner is not reinforcing what the dog learned.


It probably varies by area but she charges: $30 a day for boarding


$40/day boarding and training (after which she tells them to go to dog class afterward otherwise it is waste of money)


$55 for training only (private lesson in the home for an hour or one and a half hours)

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