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Lively Latin or Great Latin Adventure


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Well, not sure if this will be helpful at all because I have not used GLA. But, we have done Lively Latin 1 and are on lesson 2 of LL 2 and I have looked at the GLA website after the recommendations here and am thinking seriously about switching. Bleh. I hate switching things...


But, I digress...


We had great fun with LL1 and breezed through it. It is a great mix of vocab, grammar (with diagramming!), Roman history, and translation. I was excited to start LL2 but somewhere between the two volumes, I either missed some serious instruction that was in there or it just wasn't in there. We are now floundering. After discussing this with another hs friend of mine here who is on the same lesson we are, she said the same thing....that either she completely missed something or it's just not in there. So, after going back and looking at LL1, I think the one drawback to it is that there is not much practice on some of the essentials. And, some of the material is presented without the big picture -- just memorize things and it will get addressed later on, I'm guessing. But for someone who is whole-to-parts (me!), it drives me nuts not to see the BIG picture first and then start breaking it down. I understand that it would be impossible to get the BIG picture of latin first as there are so many "parts" to it. But, I think if we had had more practice on the essentials before going on, we would have a firmer grasp on where we are going (you may have to climb into my brain to follow THAT train of thought....:glare:).


GLA appears to have gotten this missing part handled by doing just that: focusing on the first two conjugations and first declension (or maybe it was the other way around...I can't remember now) and practicing the essentials first without moving on to other parts.


So, I guess what I am trying to say is (it's always so clear in MY mind :001_huh:) that while I thoroughly enjoyed LL1 and feel that we did learn, and I love that it includes diagramming (much more to come in LL2), I'm thinking that we should have started with GLA and then perhaps picked up LL. I would love to stick with it for all the reasons stated, but for now, we can't go on until we get some help with whatever we missed.


At any rate, I am planning to use First Form Latin from Memoria Press through the summer to get grounded in the essentials and then we will make the decision about whether we will continue with LL 2 or make the switch to GLA.


(Anyone else who is past lesson 2 on LL2 may have much better information than I...)

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