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Can anyone compare these two books on the states?


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I plan on doing a study of US history with my 2nd grader next year and integrating a study of the states. I already have a book with the basic info on each state, and I've ordered Scrambled States.


I have Kids Learn America and Time for Learning States on my list of things to buy from Rainbow Resource. They both look great, but I'm wondering if I really need both or should I just get one of them. They're not a lot of money, but I don't want to buy something I'm not going to use, and, because I'm in the UK, I can't return anything that I don't want.


Are they very different? Is it worth it to buy both? Is one better than the other?



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I don't know if this helps or not, but you can get them in the UK


Kids Learn America is available to purchase at Amazon UK.



And Time for learning states you could get used.


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I've had both of them. The first book will give you a lot more ideas on things to do/make. The second book is more just for fun to read. I would think you could find something to take the place of the second book at your library, but maybe in the UK they don't have fun books on the US:o)


If you want to help your kids learn the location of the various states, I highly recommend the book The Little Man in the Map. I taught 3-7 year olds in CC this year and it really helped. The parents were amazed at what they learned. You can get much of the premise of it here:


You could download the map jpg and print it off at 8 1/2x11 size and make up your own story.




The Little Man In the Map: With Clues To Remember All 50 States (Hardcover)

by E. Andrew Martonyi (Author), Ed Olson (Illustrator)






Author’s blog












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This is not one of those books but we LOVED Yo! Sacramento to help learn states and capitals. They use cartoons and a sentence or two to help remember the states.


There is another book called Yo! Millard Fillmore that teaches presidents and we LOVE that too.



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Thanks for the replies.


I had seen the Youtube video of the man on the map. It looks really good, but I don't know if I can justify $20 on it, though. Hmmmm.




Well, you can get it Amazon UK. Slightly cheaper, I think it works out to a little over $17, and you'd get free shipping. Just a thought....


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While i haven't used either of those books, I would highly recommend Simply...Stated by Katie Campbell and Sidney Douglass. It is basically a bibliography on books about or related to each state. I found this to be a valuable resource that greatly added to our study of the states, many of the books are on historical events or people of significance in that state, most are the perfect level for a 2nd grader.

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