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IEW Ancient Theme Based Writing

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I am frustrated with TWSS... I've learned that I need structure or I pull out my hair!!!! Do you need the teacher's syllabus to go with this program? Is it something that my advanced 13 year old can do easily with a little input from me to get him started? I appreciate hearing everything you all have to say.



Mother to Noah Age 13

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I have only used Verstegen's US history-based writing lessons. I mostly use the student book, but there are times when I need the teacher book. The teacher book isn't expensive and it's nonconsumable, so you should be able to resell it easily when you're done. I would go ahead and get it.


I prefer the theme-based programs to the video-based programs. My kids and I get a lot more out of it when the program is on paper than when it's on video.

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I like the theme based units because they are open and go. This Ancient one is written to the student and you don't really need the TM. The TM has white board notes in it, which I have found helpful occasionally when my dd needs some extra help with brainstorming. Sometimes it has some review sentences to practice the vocabulary. It has vocabulary quizzes in it. I think that is about all. I think the program would be fine without it, but if you want help with the items mentioned above, it might be useful.

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