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Digestion Song

nova mama

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To the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb


First the food goes in your mouth

Crunch crunch crunch

Munch munch munch

Saliva helps the food go down

Into the esophagus


The food gets churned up in the tum

With gastric juice

Acid juice

Then the mixture that's called chyme

Goes into the duodenum


Bile comes from the liver to

Break down fat

Break down fat

More juice from the pancreas

Breaks carbs, protein, and more fat


The small intestine takes the stuff

Nutritious stuff

Through its walls

All the good stuff through its walls

Into the blood for you


The waste gets dried out in the large


Then it goes

Through the colon, rectum, anus

And that is the end!



Edited by nova mama
Added italics; corrected order of rectum and anus; revised third and fourth stanzas
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