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So... now I'm comparing CLE LA and GWG gr 6.. wanna help?

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As far as I can tell,

Both are mostly independent which is a major factor right now.

Both cover diagramming.

Both don't have much writing, which is fine since we'll be doing IEW.


CLE covers spelling and vocab, whereas GWG is strictly grammar.


Now, if you've used either of these, which one would have more daily review or is more spiral?

And, which is a better foundation for English?

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buy both and send one back. :glare:


I WISH I did that over the years with some things. I did that with writing programs a couple yrs ago. A little money loss is better than finding out later that you could have used a better program and not wasted time. :lol:

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Not familiar with CLE; love GWG and am using 6 next year. GWG does include small amounts of writing - paragraphs here and there, friendly letters, etc. but not so much that you can't include another program.


GWG has a review at the end of every chapter.


I personally prefer my LA to be split apart, rather than a combo program. I don't find the different LA courses - - spelling, grammar, vocab, - - to be so similar that I'm content with an across the board approach. My dds are a bit all over the board in this area, though, so it might work better for kids who work at an even pace.


Michelle does have a very good point; if you truly cannot make a decision after getting more input, considering ordering both if they each have a decent return policy. I personally find it very hard to pick curriculum based on the short description and samples most sites give.

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From what I can tell from looking at, but never using GWG, it does not spiral like CLE does.


I had considered moving my 4th grade daughter to GWG because the CLE level 200 was making me crazy with all of the non-grammar information, but we stuck it out with CLE. I like the 300 level of CLE very much. I am not a be fan of heavy grammar in the first 3-4 grades, but CLE does a nice, gentle introduction.


I don't know if one or the other is a better foundation, but I do know that CLE is a good foundation.



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I am also trying hard to choose between these two programs (for a different grade level.)


I ordered the first few Light Units of CLE, and just the student handbook of GWG so I could get a 'feel' for both programs.


Here's what stands out to me:


GWG is mostly just fill in the blank exercises and diagramming. CLE mixes things up a bit with crossword puzzles/word searches, etc - so it is a bit less 'boring' than GWG.


I don't care for the spelling portion of CLE as much, though. The list appear to be based on 'themes ( EX. - camping, flashlight, lantern, etc.)

We are used to phonics/rules based spelling, and so I am a bit worried that CLE spelling would confuse my son.


I like that GWG has less lessons per year ( you would only need to do grammar 3-4 days per week vs. CLE where you would need to do grammar 5 days per week to finish all 10 light units in a regular school year.)


CLE is more 'portable'. You got your grammar, spelling and penmanship in one handly little workbook if you need to go somewhere. (We often have doctor/therapy appts during the day for my younger DD.)

With GWG we would have the bulkier workbook, plus the student manual, PLUS separate spelling and penmanship books. A full backpack!

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Something to note with CLE, in the 300 and up levels there are 15 lessons per the 10 lightunits. That is 150 lessons per year which is short of a 180 day school year. My dd has already finished her level 700 CLE language arts. We are using the time to fill in some subjects that she hasn't spent a lot of time on during the year like health.


I have to agree with the assessment of the spelling. I wish it were more rule based. We don't use it.



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I found CLE while searching for a new math program. I stumbled on their LA and LOVE IT!


I used GWG 1/2 and 3. We liked it. It's easy, quick, and independent. Each day we follow GWG with lessons in spelling, vocabulary, penmanship, and writing.


CLE LA had all that in each lesson. I like incorporating grammar with spelling and penmanship...etc. Also, it seems to me that it covers a bit more than GWG. I think this because my ds took the placement test today and had to skip quite a few question because he had not been introduced to that concept yet. He has almost completed GWG 1/2. It has been fairly easy for him. He will go into CLE LA 200. There will be overlap, but he will cover some of the those concepts GWG had not gotten to up to this point. My other ds will go into LA 400, but he will be doing extra practice for a while until he masters each concept. I like that CLE has that extra practice available if you need it, but lets you skip forward if you are ready.


I am excited about CLE LA. But know that GWG was good for us and I would still recommend it.

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We used GWG and I have to say that CLE is a far better and more complete program for my ds. GWG was just "worksheets" to him. CLE really gets in there and makes it click. I vote CLE LA all the way. ....but perhaps I am also a bit biased...LOL


GWG is NOT spiral at all. CLE is.


We actually do use the CLE spelling....but we also use Explode the Code.

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O, WOW! ALL of your assessments have bee soooo helpful! I definitely like the spiral method of CLE better. That's a big factor. My biggest concern was that it wasn't meaty or serious enough, but you all seem to think it is! I really can't tell those things until after we've been through several months of a curriculum!

Though I've been looking at GWG for the past year, I think I'm going to pass on it for now.


I am thinking that for my 6th grader I might just have her mark the spelling words like she's used to with SWR and continue with doing dictation. It might be a perfect mix. Ooo! I'm getting excited!



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