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For those of you looking for cute chemistry references...


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I found a cute book based on the periodic table at Barnes and Nobles. My ds12 is studying the table of elements,and I thought it would be fun to have this book to look up elements. It's called The Periodic Table- Elements With Style by Basher, written by Adrian Dingle. Each element has a page dedicated to it giving which type of element it is, symbol, atomic no. and wt, and pics with a couple of paragraphs about the element. It's written like the element is giving info on itself- it's really fun. I just thought I'd share with you who are looking to peak dc's interest in the elements!

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I may be running by B&N tomorrow. Where, within the store, did you find it? Is it in the children's section? Or with the bargain books? Or with the bargain books within the children's section?


I found it in the children's section, in the science section. It's a small handbook so you may have to look hard. Its cover is royal blue. Just keep in mind that you're looking for a small book, not a real big one. I hope you find it. My ds12 just did an investigation on an element of his choice and he used it to study Iron. He said he liked it a lot!

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