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Write Shop or IEW


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I chose Write Shop because of the incremental progression, the editing check lists, and the emphasis on revising and editing. There is plenty of support for the teacher/parent as well. I also like the fact that the student can learn to analyze his own writing, which is proactive. This program has been good for us, but I was just curious what others preferred and why. It sounds like IEW leaves more planning to the parent, while Write Shop has everything laid out. This is what I prefer and I think I'll stick with it.

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When I chose a writing curriculum, I considered IEW (I knew I wouldn't sit and watch the videos) and Classical Writing (I was too intimidated by it). So, I chose Write Shop because it was my understanding that it did a good job of helping the parent learn how to teach writing. I will post my review below.


If you would like a comparison between IEW and WS, email me, and I'll send you one. I have one from a lady on a yahoo group I was on. I don't want to post it here because I didn't write it.


Here's my review:


Write Shop website is https://www.writeshop.com/index.htm. We are using Write Shop 1 & 2 for 6th-7th-8th grade. We have completed Write Shop 1 and have started on Write Shop 2. Write Shop 1 consists of 16/30 lessons covering descriptive, informative, and narrative writing.



• Extremely detailed instructions for the teacher (this might be considered a con if the teacher didn’t need extremely detailed instructions)

• Extremely detailed instructions for the student

• Teaches a variety of methods for brainstorming

• Teaches many ways to make writing more interesting and varied and requires the student to use them over and over (ex. paired adjectives, present and past participle sentence starters, adverb sentence starters, similes, etc.)

• Helps the student use vivid words by providing them with thorough lists of words to choose from

• Strictly limits dull writing (to be verbs, weak words, repetitive words)

• Guides the student to edit their own work by giving them a checklist

• Guides the teacher to edit the student’s work by giving them a checklist

• Nearly secular



• Learning curve for the teacher


Writing is not my favorite task. Teaching writing is not my favorite task. I spend more time preparing for each writing lesson than I do preparing for any other subject. Writing is not my son’s favorite task, either. We spend more time together working on writing than any other subject. I have seen his writing improve tremendously with Write Shop. I have been able to teach writing and help my son improve his writing through Write Shop. The results have been worth the time and effort.

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Thank you all regarding my question about Write Shop! I have IEW TWSS since February and have not gotten past DVD #1. When I open the syllabus I understand the concepts but don't have any idea how to implement. I guess what I really want is a schedule with the lessons all laid out so I don't have to think so hard!!! I run and in-home daycare and don't have time for scratching my head in bewilderment. That's why I was thinking about purchasing the theme based lesson instead but does it really lay it all out or am I throwing good money after bad?!?!?



Mother to Noah Age 13

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I owned TWSS and watched all the dvds. I currently own SWI -A. There is no way I would have wanted to teach writing from using TWSS alone. It is really meant to give you an overview of the method IEW uses.


I have just started SWI-A with my son and it does give you a specific lesson plan that you can stretch out over 15 - 30 weeks. You watch portions of the dvd for some lessons and then continue to practice what you learned for a number of days. I don't know if the theme-based lessons are as structured or not, but I suspect that if you started out with one of the SWI sets, you would have no problem going on to using the theme-based lessons.



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