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what can my dd use to put a color streak in her hair? (not permanent)

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sugarless kool aid mix. mix with some water to make a thick paste and saturate the desired hair strands, let it set for maybe 15 minutes and there you go! if her hair is dark then it will not have a very dramatic effect unless the hair is lightened first...which is of course, permanent.


Manic Panic makes good semi-permanent products as well.

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Do you have a Sally's beauty supply near you? They have some spray on-wash off colors as well as some bright, cheerful semi-permanents. My son used the turquoise color in the semi-perm line and it stained his dishwater blonde hair well...and pretty solidly. We've been attempting to strip it out with little result. :tongue_smilie:

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Here's advice that I just got from a friend:


Loreal Color Streaks - get it at Walgreens or similar. Just mix a little at a time for streaks. Section the hair and hold it back with bobby pins and use the brush that comes with the kit to apply. It's actually pretty easy.

The color has washed out of towels, etc., if it happens to transfer. It will stain during application so use old tshirts and towels for that part.


The first couple of applications won't be very vivid, but will brighten with further applications.


My dd wants the same :-)

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thanks ladies! I will research these ideas....btw, my daughter is a blondie (she's pictured in my avatar).....I told her that I may let her do this as an "end of the year" reward for finishing 4th grade!


I may do it too! hee hee :D

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