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My community garden at church was approved! Need help with a name!

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Do you remember my post from a couple of months ago about wanting to start a community garden at my church? If not, the post is here.


Anyway, since February I have been trying to get this approved. Just last night I was informed that it has *finally* been approved! I am so excited, (and nervous at the same time)!


I was just telling a friend about this and she said, "Now you need to come up with a name!" I thought, "Oh, no! You're right! I am so not good at *that*!"


So my first thought was, "Ask the WTM ladies! They're so creative!"


So what would you call a ministry that is a community garden located at a church? A community garden meaning that the produce goes out for free to people within our community, not where people come in and have their own plots (though it may develop into that over the years as we know what we're dealing with). I want it to be a play on words if possible...something about the growth of faith and the growth of produce. Or, you know...something along those lines. A garden is so "ripe" with spiritual undertones, that this *should* be easy to come up with.


What do you think?

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From a Small Seed...




Something about this one really resonates with me!


Perhaps, From a Small Seed [subscript] Community Garden.


There are just so many overlapping layers of meaning, and feelings of hope, growth and optimism. I like it.


Congratulations Janna for having a vision and working hard to see it's fruition.



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Hey we're doing the same thing! I never even saw your original post. Why did it take forever to approve? Maybe I should go read the original one, LOL. A couple of us had the idea one sunday, we talked to the elders the same day and they said Ok. LOL. I'm so excited to do it. I never even thought about giving it a name. What a neat idea!

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