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Prayer Request and taking some time off...

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I will be taking some time off from the board, blogging, and the computer in general. We have completed testing, as I ended up needing to start it a few days earlier.

I have been experiencing some shoulder pain for longer than I am willing to admit. The pain has now ended up radiating down my left arm, with tingling, numbness and burning sensations. Each day the pain has progressively worsened. I went to my doctor and some xrays were taken. I have moderate cervical disc narrowing, with degenerative disc disease. I was sent home with an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer and pain medications. When those didn't help after three days, I knew there was more to it. My doctor actually called to check on me, and then set up an MRI and neuro-surgical consult.

I met with the neuro-surgeon yesterday. I definitely have degenerative disc disease, and he was surprised at the progression for my age. As I result, I also have two ruptured cervial discs. Surgery is scheduled for Monday. The damaged ruptured discs will be removed. He will do a bone graft and fuse three cervical vertebrae, and then attach a titanium plate to hold them together. I will hopefully come home on Tuesday. Immediate recovery time is approximately three weeks, where I will have to wear a cervical collar during that time. I should have a full recovery in 6-12 months, with minimal changes in mobility. He said most patients do not even notice the difference after 6 months to a year. I will just be thankful for the pain to go away.

I am thankful for God's timing. We are close to the end of our school year, and our testing is completed. After my recovery we will be able to get our feet wet with our new Spelling and Math curriculum and finish up our English. Then we can relax and enjoy some good living history books and fun projects as I had planned. God's timing is so good. I will also be able to celebrate Easter with my family before the surgery on Monday. He is risen! Amen!

I appreciate all of your prayers and support through this. I look forward to writing again in the future. I wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Easter.

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