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Truth Quest - are the books oop?

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Dear Friends,


Several of you have recommended TruthQuest history for me. I mentioned it to another online friend, and she said the books are wonderful - but many are out of print, and unavailable due to recent legislation. Has there been a discussion in the Hive of this legislation?


She said:


The most significant problem that I foresee is that it recommends/requires quite a few out-of-print, collectible books that are very rarely available in public libraries. Until very recently, many could be found for resale on eBay or from other homeschoolers and children's booksellers. Due to the recent CPSIA legislation, books published before 1985 are nearly impossible to find and may remain that way until the significant problems with this legislation are worked out.



Any feedback from the Hive Mind on this would be appreciated. Thanks!



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No clue about books not being available, as I continue to buy old, oop books online quite easily. Yes, a strong percentage of the books TQ lists are oop gems. However many are in print as well. To me the bigger issue with TQ is the lack of structure. I personally don't care for the commentary, so we use it as a book list. Great for that, too destructured to work for me otherwise.

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I've also been able to find quite a few of the oop books easily on-line. And most books are still in print so there is a lot to choose from.


There has been some talk on other boards about the new law but I don't think it's a done deal yet/not sure about the "official" date it's supposed to start if it ever does.


With library systems/schools full of pre 1985 bks-I seriously doubt this is going to be a threat.

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My experience so far is that there are still older books available, especially if they are not obviously children's books.


But TQ recommends tons of books, and while some might be OOP and hard to get there are many that are not. The spine texts generally are available through Nothing New Press or you can down load them and print them off free, because they are public domain.


They also schedule a lot of books you find in other programs Betsy Maestro, If you lived...series, Fritz books, , ect... Those are all still in print.


At one time I counted books recommended just for the Revolutionary War era, and if I remember right I got up to 400 before I quit counting. Now many were on specific aspects of the Revolutionary War, or on specific people, but when they recommend that many books you will be able to find some of them. :D




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