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Used SOS? I'm confused!


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Okay maybe this is silly, but I have a question.


I've seen demos of SOS and understand how it works, and that you need a separate (one-time) installation CD, etc. What I want to know has to do with buying SOS subject disks used.


When you actually use them, I thought the thing stored the student's progress. Yes? So if you buy one used, can it be "used up" and not able to actually access the work for a new student? Do I need to confirm that a disk is unused?


Or is that not a concern? :001_huh:

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I am not sure HOW it works, but I think it actually stores the info on your computer, not the disk itself. We borrowed SOS from a friend to see if we liked it. They had used it the previous year. We installed it on our computer and used it for a month or so, and there was no previous info "stored" when we opened it up for the first time. As a matter of fact, I had to go in and set-up my son, and choose the different options that were available for the program.


And once you use the installation disk, you don't use it again, so, yeah, thinking it must be stored on the computer itself.

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