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What would be a nice secular science program for 7th grade???

Robin in DFW

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I am on the hunt for a secular science program for my ds11 for 7th.


He has done Abeka's 6th grade science this year, but because we are secular homeschoolers, we have had to work around the biblical things.


We love the Abeka science books, so something similar would be great if there is such a thing.


Thanks in advance!


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We used TWTM recommendations for Taz after attempting Rainbow Science because we could not find a decent secular text for logic stage, excepting Conceptual Physics.


For Storm, we tried the PH Science Explorer series, but after a while, she no longer wanted to use those texts, so we returned to OM science. I must admit that I've never paged through an Abeka science text, so really cannot offer any concrete advise.

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