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I really dislike it when there is only an online catalog

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and not a print one. I know it's a money thing, but .....it is really annoying. I want a Cadron Creek and Progeny Press catalog. At least the PP catalog is a pdf I can print. CC's website is laid out poorly, imo, and I just want to throw up my hands and forget it. But I think CC had a catalog a few years ago; I remember looking at it when I was first thinking about hsing and saw a few things in there that I wanted to remember for when dd was older.....so I really want to look at their site, even though it's frustrating.


argh. Companies should really mail out catalogs, even if it's 'by request only'.

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I finally found a company that sells CC stuff and has a catalog, so yay. I ended up finding a couple other companies I hadn't heard of that had catalogs too. :D:D


It just seems like for thin catalogs, the cost of making and mailing would be worth it from the ppl that would order from them, who otherwise wouldn't. Maybe not.

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And I would rather the company saves money on the printing and shipping and have their catalogues online, although I guess a PDF version would be a good option. I like online because I like to see sample lessons and TOCs and lot more info than they can put into a print catalogue.

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