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Anyone attend a Nazarene church? (cc content)

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Our family is in the process of looking for a new church and recently visited a small Nazarene church just down the street that was recommended by a friend. We enjoyed it very much but neither my husband nor I know much about the Nazarene faith. We come from a non-denominational background and have heard that there might be some doctrinal differences from what we're used to; the potential to lose one's faith & female pastors were two things mentioned. At this particular church, all the pastors were male except for the Children's Ministry lady who they called the "Children's Pastor."


I'm not trying to start any philosophical debate; just looking for some input. We did look at the church's statement of faith and beliefs and it appeared to be very solid. We also have a message into the pastor to ask a few questions but being Easter week, we probably won't be able to speak to him until next week.

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I went to a Nazarene church for awhile and probably still would be if I could convince my dh to switch from the Catholic church. I was brought up Free Methodist which is very similar. For me, a church is more than just their doctrine, but also how they worship and what they teach. I loved how the Nazarene church I attended taught the Bible and inspired me to be a better Christian.


Good luck in your search for a new church.

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