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Which TC series would you use for Art History Survey

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Anyone seen or used these?


I was thinking either A History of Eurpoean Art




(pros: professor seems to be well liked, cons: doesn't survey art from Ancients forward)


or Art Across the Ages




(pros: covers Ancient through Modern, Cons: prof doesn't have as good reviews)


Any experience? I'm thinking of complimenting these with Bretell's Museum Masterpieces (Louvre and Met)


This will be dd's "capstone" course, in her field, with some Francis Shaeffer thrown in for perspective. :) She may choose to self-study for the AP Art History exam, but I doubt it as high-stakes testing is very stressful for her. (I'm betting she'll decide after her experience with the AP Psych exam in May.)



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Sorry this is not from a BTDT perspective, but I'm planning to use Art Across the Ages in conjunction with Art in Focus textbook next year. I haven't planned this course out yet (right now I'm working on World Lit). Once I've watched a few of the DVDs I'll have a better opinion of whether or not I've made a good choice.


I have seen a couple of the DVDs from the History of European Art, which I checked out from the library, and I personally really enjoyed the lectures. I am hoping to use that course in a couple of years.


When I was choosing next year's curriculum, I did find a couple of threads mentioning both of these courses on this website. So you might try a search if you haven't already. Sorry this probably wasn't much help, but maybe someone who has already finished these courses will weigh in.

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