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Hair color -- how to touch up? Color at home?

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I've been getting my hair done by professionals (gray is starting to slowly creep in), but after trying two different places, I HATE it. Both places cost me more than $100 per coloring and as the light brown color fades out, it seems to be taking my natural light brown color out with it, too. I look like a sunset! So...I have natural-color roots but I don't know how to touch them up myself, or with what.


Also, I'd like to try doing the next color myself. I just want to match my natural color and forget about it (with touch-ups in between full dyes, I imagine).


What do you use (something not tested on animals)? Do you use two different products for touch-ups and for full coloring?


I know there are lots of threads on this, and I've read a fair number of them. But I'm not finding exactly what I need, though I did see that someone recommended something called "Tints of Nature."


Any advice? I'm SOOOOO nervous about giving this a try, but it's expensive, and not very effective, to do it the way I'm doing it now. I really don't want to go out and find another, probably more expensive, salon.





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I have been using Herbatint hair color for the past 3 years and am happy with it. My scalp can't tolerate a lot of chemicals so regular store-bought brands are not good for me. I used to use henna (plant based)exclusively until I got so much gray that I had to switch to Herbatint. If you buy them online at Vitacost, it's very affordable.


It's very simple to do it at home. You need a cape to cover your body, a brush to distribute the hair color, a comb to seperate your hair in strands, and a pair of gloves. After gathering those, you are good to go. Just start from the root and brush toward the end of the hair. Wait 40min, shampoo, and you are done.


You do need to play with the color a bit to find your best fit. My suggestion is to buy two colors closest to your natural hair color. Start with the darker one to see if you like it. If you find it too dark, you can either use the lighter one or use the mixture of two the next time.


I find Herbatint's colors to be very natural and reliable. People usually compliment on my hair and some can't even tell I color my hair (unless my roots are showing). So don't worry, it's easy and it gets easier with practice.

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and it was very easy to use. I liked the product very much, and it didn't fade out over time.


I used to buy it at Whole foods, but they no longer carry it in our area. I've since switched to Nature Tints and so far I like it just as well.


Both are inexpensive and easy to use, with very nice results.

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