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What do you think of live math bowl?


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We've used LiveMathBowl for a few weeks. (Got it for even less $ while they were running a National Math Day special.) Ds9 LOVES it!!! He said to me, "I love math, Mom!"


From what I've seen, I think it mostly covers math facts, although he is getting into decimals and percents now, too. (We haven't gotten to this in TT5, but with a little explanation from Mom about dollars and cents, etc. we had an AHA! moment and he could carry on with his game.)


If you have a child who likes working on the computer, Club Penguin-type virtual worlds, competing against himself, etc. this may be a great fit!


I can see that it really is helping him become more proficient and comfortable with math. He loves beating his high score, earning certificates, getting credits to spend to change the background, etc. (There's not much available for this unlike Club Penguin, Webkinz, etc. -- just enough to keep them motivated.


I let ds have free reign with it for two days and he spent hours on the site. Now I've limited his time. This works well since the math is getting harder for him and I can stop him before he becomes frustrated.


I highly recommend LiveMathBowl.

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