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Changing from MUS to Teaching Textbook


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My son will soon complete Epsilon and MUS and I am thinking of transitioning over to Teaching Textbook 7.

For those of you who are familiar with MUS you know he will not have learned decimals, percents, and a few other math concepts. I'm wondering how other children have made the transition. Does Teaching Textbook review previous material therefore reteach some of this? I'm interested to know of others experiences.

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This is exactly what we did last year. I had originally planned to have my son do Zeta, THEN head into Teaching Textbooks. However, he really wanted to do math on the computer. It just seemed like it would be a good fit for him. He took the placement test and tested into the 7th grade.


You are right, some of the subjects were not covered in Epsilon, but Teaching Textbooks really covered the subjects thouroughly. Yes, my son did have some trouble (mainly because he is not patient and hurried) but by slowing him down and helping go over some of the spots he did just fine. TT is really NOT an advanced, hurry, hurry kind of math program. Just a great, steady program.


This summer I plan to have ds go over some Key To books on percents and decimals just to help lock in the concepts.


He really loves TT and I plan on using it with him again next year.


Hope this helps!

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