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Anyone use Critical Thinking I from Great Books Academy?


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I was looking at their curriculum and noticed 7th and 8th use a book called Critical Thinking I and then II. Has anyone seen or used these books? I could not find any samples at the site. If so, what do you think of them? Also, what about the socratic discussions at this grade level?


Thanks so much!

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Thank you Hathersage! This looks great too!


Has anyone used either the Critical Thinking or Touchstones Vol. 1 for middle school? I would love to gather some feedback before I purchase them. Is this very helpful or not necessary? I know dd needs to start working on these skills as they are not natural for her and I want to help her in this area but we will be busy as it is and I don't want to spend money where it is not needed. If you like both but had to chose just one which one would be most necessary?



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