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Hurray!!! I have finally decided what to do!!!


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I praise the Lord for working through you wonderful ladies to lead me in His plan for our family at this season of our lives (battling Lyme disease). :001_smile: I can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer my continual posts about grammar and other things.


After talking to my dh and my dc, we have decided to stick with Shurley. My ds that I thought hated grammar was only frustrated over a new concept he had not mastered yet. He did not want to change! (:D I love Shurley!) However, the time factor is very real. I am going to have a 5-10 min. jingle time, where they all do their jingles at the same time. I have decided to set a timer and stop after 30 minutes.


I am also going to continue with Saxon 2 & 3, only use the meeting book twice a week, and set the timer for 30 minutes. When, we are through with Saxon 3, I am planning to switch to TT. I believe this is absolutely necessary to free up the time needed to teach my new K student...my precious (then) almost 6 yo ds. By that time, I feel my 9 & (then) almost 11 yo will be okay with working more independently. I will continue with Saxon 3 w/ my almost 8 yo. I am not sure that an independent type of program would be the best thing at that age.


I am going to TRY to include my (then) almost 5 yo. in the K work. If he is not ready, I will wait and keep him busy with fun stuff. (while letting him sit in the same room :)) The almost 6 yo and almost 5 yo are so close in age, I would LOVE to teach them together. But, I realize that reading, in particular, cannot be pushed. A few months can make all the difference in readiness.


I am trusting in the Lord to help me carry out what looks so good on paper. (It always looks good on paper, kwim?)


Thanks so much for your patience in answering my many, many questions. :grouphug:

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I must have missed your posts about Shurley and Saxon. I'm not on the K-8 board as much anymore though I still have plenty of K-8ers in the house! We've used both Shurley and Saxon all the way through so far. Because I too was spread thin in my teaching time, I really cut back on how I teach Shurley and I probably only spend about 20 minutes with each of my 3 currently doing Shurley. I also combine my dc on levels as much as possible, which is easy with Shurley since it's so repetitive.


I did find that I needed to supplement Shurley with more mechanics practice. My dc use Daily Grams completely independently as part of their daily seat work.


Good for you! Sometimes you have to struggle through and find the meeting place between your vision and practicality.



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