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Which is better and why: Jane Austen's Emma DVD with Guyneth Paltrow or...

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Lately, my 16yo, 13yo dds and I have been on a P&P kick (A&E version). We keep watching it over and over again and quoting parts to each other constantly. Even dh likes it! We like this version so much that we can't even imagine watching any other. I don't think we will. I want to keep these images of P&P and not spoil it with any others.

We've also watched Sense & Sensibility (with Hugh Grant) and liked it a lot, so we're now looking for other good versions of movies from Austen's books.



~Sabrina in NY

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Eliana said it so well, I'll just say "ditto". :)


I enjoy the Paltrow/Northam version for its own sake, as a fun "period" movie, the way I enjoy the new Pride and Prejudice or the 90s Mansfield Park. "Based" on the book (the way 'Clueless' is based on Emma ;) ) but not necessarily an adaptation of the book. If that makes sense.



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